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AS9100: Aerospace Management System  

LEDA Management Service provides accredited certification for AS9100, the Aerospace addition to ISO 9000 Quality Management Certification. AS9100 combines the effective standards of the ISO 9000 standard with supplementary items of how ISO pertains to the aerospace industry.

AS Management Systems
AS9100 is the quality management system specific to the aerospace industry. Version AS9100 includes all of the requirements of the ISO 9000:1994 standard while version AS9100 Rev. A includes the ISO 9001:2000 standard verbatim. In addition, there are supplementary items that address how the standard applies to the aerospace industry. Both standards allow for certification to either ISO 9000:1994 or ISO 9001:2000 through the transition period of Dec. 2003.

First published in May 1997 by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) as AS9000, the AS standard has evolved to AS9100 Rev. A and is recognized by all major Aerospace OEMs.

Supplier Requirements:
The industry is moving quickly towards requiring their suppliers to be AS9100 compliant / certified. By becoming AS9100 compliant / certified, suppliers can gain a competitive advantage and benefit from the improved processes and continuous improvement that is the foundation of ISO 9001:2000 certified Quality Management Systems.

Effective Dec. 2003 the Boeing Company is requiring all Boeing suppliers to be BQMS (Boeing's Quality Management System) approved or have a waiver. AS9100 Rev A is a significant part of Boeing's BQMS requirements.

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