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Design Services:

LEDA Corporation is at the forefront of design and engineering within the aerospace community. Using the latest tools and electronic integration with Boeing, LEDA Corporation reduces the design to final production time drastically. LEDA's investment in integration technology and CAD tools establishes LEDA as a Boeing Preferred Supplier.

Prototype Services:
Working Prototype
Prototype Tooling

Mechanical Engineering Services:
Design For Manufacture/Assembly
Materials Research and Recommendation
Detailed Part Drawings

Assembly Drawings
Bill Of Materials

Electronic Engineering Services:
Electronic Engineering Services
Software Programming
Electronic System Design

Electronic System Analysis
Surface Mount PCB Layout

Electromechanical Design

Testing Services:
Our analyzers use computer controlled, state-of-the-art switching architecture to evaluate the functionality of complex electrical wiring systems. Our tools have a switching architecture that creates a powerful combination of high output current and measurement accuracy with virtually unlimited expansion capability and extremely fast test-cycle time, using a mass HiPot algorithm.

Testing Capabilities:

Mixed high and low voltage energization for selective HiPot and low voltage testing of discrete points on the same card.
HiPot testing of all nets in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.
Floating ground testing which allows high-voltage diagnostics of wiring assemblies in aircraft, rockets and other equipment containing explosive or flammable substances.
Bi-directional testing to find all low voltage faults and their locations in a single scan.
Functional testing flexibility enabling users to evaluate continuity, isolation and breakdown in complex, multi-component wiring systems that may include: black-boxes, capacitors, diodes, lamps, inductors, relays, resistors, shielded cable termination, solenoids, switches and transistors.

Diagnostic X-RAY Services:
The system provides the highest resolution and magnification possible within a compact system and is ideally suited to Production Lines and Failure Analysis laboratories. The Revolution is a versatile tool that allows an operator to easily make use of the systems manual and programmable inspection capabilities.

Analysis Capabilities:

Max Magnification - 6000x
High Resolution - Micron Level Features
High Penetration - 160kV
True Concentric Imaging
True Parallel Tracking For BGA Applications

Automated Placement Machine:
• Placement rates up to 14,000 cph • Placement accuracy to 0.001” * • Vision system with fiducial correction, on-board dual function camera/computer color monitor • Flexible feeder set-up allows easy interchange of electro-optical SmartCount TM tape, feeders • On-the-fly component centering or optional touchless Cyberoptics ® laser centering • Resolution of 0.0001" (4microns) and accuracy to 0.001
• Automatic 4-position nozzle changer • Fiducial correction • CAD transfer software. • Software for panelized boards




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